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Strategizing Tax Savings for Business Owners

You pay taxes year-round, but when April 15th nears, do you feel prepared? Scared? Confused? Understanding all the tax laws and how they apply to you would take up more of your time than you can give. And the constant regulatory changes complicate things even more. Yes, you have to focus on meeting all tax deadlines, but equally important is receiving proactive tax planning so your tax obligation isn’t more than you are legally obligated to pay. That’s where we come in.

Individual tax preparation and planning is an exclusive benefit offered to the owners, shareholders and leaders of the businesses we serve. With pass-through entities and sole proprietorships, business and personal taxes are closely intertwined. So we’ll work to help you take advantage of all available credits and deductions at tax time—especially the easy to miss ones, like the self-employed Social Security deduction—as well as plan properly for the years ahead.

Our personal tax services include:

  • Annual tax preparation
  • Representation before the IRS and other government agencies
  • Tax projections
  • Estate and retirement planning
  • Succession planning

Complete Business Accounting. Balance is our comprehensive accounting and tax solution for businesses. By providing you with accurate accounting records, we are able to use that information to prepare your individual return. This integrated approach ensures we look at your entire tax position to provide the most savings, while also removing the stress you experience when accounting for your business’ finances.

While you focus on growing your business, make sure your personal taxes are taken care of, too. Contact us today to learn how Balance can help you grow.

  • “Everyone works hard to make my life as a business owner less complicated so I can focus on the stuff I’m good at—which, by the way, is not accounting.“

    - Sherri C.  |  Los Angeles, CA  |  Professional Services
  • “As an entrepreneur and long time client, I credit much of my financial sanity to their expertise, wisdom and compassionate care for their clients.“

    - Roger C.  |  San Pedro, CA  |  Author
  • “Roschke & Wall is as good as it gets. From business advice to how to deal with employees in multiple states, they have answers to help us navigate complex issues.“

    - Terry J.  |  Austin, TX  |  Professional Services


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